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Junk Removal and Cleanup Services in Orange County

Junk Removal services

We Haul Away Trash, Debris and Unwanted Items

Clean Haul removes debris, trash and unwanted items from your space. We clear out garages, storage spaces, yards, construction sites, or any other cluttered space you have. Your newly cleared space is then swept and tidied before we consider the job complete.


Construction Debris Cleanup

Did your construction crew leave a mess? We specialize in removing construction debris. Whether it's immediately after a demolition, or when a job is finally completed, Clean Haul is there to take care!

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Garage Cleanouts

Is there a loft space in the back of your garage that your scared to even look at? Clean Haul will get your garage space back in order, removing all unwanted items and leaving your with a clean garage and a brand new view on life!


Junk & Rubbish Removal

What is Junk and Rubbish? Anything you don't want! From removing heavy appliances and furniture from your property to clearing out old junk in your attic or crawlspace. We have you covered.

Estate house cleanout services

Estate Cleanouts

Estate Cleanouts can be a daunting task with large furniture, beds, dressers, area rugs and more needing careful removal from the premises. Clean Haul is here to help you in whatever way possible, removing unwanted junk or helping transport valued items to local storage.

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Trash Cleanup and Removal

Not all Junk is really trash. But when it comes to downright refuse removal, Clean Haul does that too! Do you need large amounts of garbage removed after a party  or


Material Hauling

We haul away broken concrete, bricks, cinder block, drywall, wood, metal and other heavy materials so you don't have to. Spare your legs and back and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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